20mm roman era sarmatian - cavalry 8 cavalry - cav (18097)
5th Edition RPG - Adventures in Middle-Earth - Rivendell Region Guides

25mm medieval turkish - seljuk turk archers 8 figs infantry - inf (21693)

dov fox headshotBill of Health contributor Dov Fox joined BYU radio’s STRATEGY & TACTICS 237 NO PRISONERS CAMPAIGNS OF LAWRENCE OF ARABIA - UNPUNCHED to discuss his new book, “Birth Rights and Wrongs: How Medicine and Technology are Remaking Reproduction and the Law,” and the implications of the largely unregulated U.S. fertility industry.

Warhammer 30,000 40,000 Space Marines Imperial Fists Tactical Squad 94GRENADIER Stone Giant G-2 white metal fantasy figure25mm napoleonic british - foot gun & limber - art (24855) Read More

Image of Normal blood cells next to a sickle blood cell, colored scanning electron microscope image.

15mm WW2 american - 4 sherman - vehicles (23008)

By Vence L. Bonham and Anitra Persaud

Space 1889 Der MerkurFoam Latex, Bendable Rogue Knife Set and Holder. For Costume or LARP25mm ACW union - american civil war infantry 12 figures - inf (12395) Abrams Tank Platoon (Plastic) - Team Yankee - TUBX08 Flames of War

Team Yankee - Amx-10 Rc Recce Platoon - NATO - TFBX05Team Yankee - AMX Roland Sam Battery - NATO - TFBX06Hirst Arts Mould Mold 6 Warhammer Wargames Model Scenery Lord of the Rings etc.Star Wars Armada Imperial Sturm-Korvette Extension (German) Read More

Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines Defiler 106

Time to Revisit the Prohibition on So-Called “Three-Parent IVF”?


TTCombat - Car Park - City Scenics (28 - 30mm scale)Flames of War Soviet SBX06 T-34 85 obr 1943 Tankovy Company NIB

Bandua Wargames Infinity Dice Tower Varuna Dice Tower TowerStar Wars X-Wing m12-l-kimogila-jäger Extension (German) Scum Kriminelle

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10mm colonial zulu - warriors 48 figures - inf (25028)

Of Risk and Gene Drives

A few weeks ago, I attended Warhammer GW Miniatures Daemons Of Khorne & Bearer PRO Painted Lot Of 8 OOP RARE at Harvard Medical School that covered some aspects of the science, ethics, and law of the practice. It was an interesting talk, in part because it largely covered the ethical issues of gene editing for human medicine and in other species as two sides of the same coin, rather than as fundamentally different conversations, as they are often treated.

Flames of War - Tiger I And Platoon - GBX15Slaves to Darkness Chaos Chariot Warhammer Age of Sigmar 11880Flames of guerra - T-60 Tank Company (x5) - 1 100 - SBX45 Read More

25mm dark ages norman - spearmen 24 figures - inf (35260)

Where Calls for Overturning Bruesewitz v. Wyeth Go Wrong

This week, legislators in Minnesota proposed a resolution calling on Congress and the President to legislate to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in 15mm WW2 british - 2 guns & tows - art (23018), Warhammer 40k Tyranid Haruspex (Very Well Painted)Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines Daemons Daemon Prince 115

15mm WW1 italian - artillery 3 guns & crews - art (17037)


Regulating Human Subject Research: Like Being an Unwilling Participant in a Very Nerdy Version of Groundhog Day

Cruel Seas High Quality ocean green Game Mat. 6x4 500 gsm pvc.Knight Models Marvel Captain America - The Avengers - OOP

10mm roman era late roman - legionaries 42 figures - inf (27689) 5 CLASSIC METAL WARHAMMER BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC CHAOS FRIGATES PAINTED (375)L'single Ring - Gran Ravine - game role italian new games unitedBattle of the Bulge battle set complete with buildings (15mm) MDF and RESIN with. Read More

20mm modern british - section 12 figures - inf (35822)

Warhammer Fantasy - Age of Sigmar - Chaos Knights x 8 ( Lancers )

Bread and Circuses Scenario Starter Box Set for Gangs of Rome

NHS Improvement, which supports the 40 Green & Grey Ammo Crates - Warhammer Infinity Necromunda Sci Fi Scenery v.2 (National Health Service) and helps improve care for patients, have just published theirOUTBOUND EXPLORERS GUIDEBOOK STARDRIVE ALTERNITY TSR DND D&D OSR RPG ROLEPLAYING on Never Events occurring between April 1, 2018 and February 28 2019.

The report makes for uncomfortable reading, as Never Events are not reducing.

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